Professional kits - all-you-need kits for your job

  • RTK-SSR PointPerfect L-Band Surveyor kits

    RTK-SSR Receiver with PointPerfect (Internet or L-Band)


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  • Surveyor kits

    RTK Base-Rover Calibrated Surveyor Kit

    From 1.060,00€

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  • NTRIP Handheld surveyor kit + hand Surveyor kits

    RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit


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  • Pole with surveyor kit Surveyor kits

    RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit

    From 444,00€

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  • simpleRTK2Blite+BT case kit Surveyor kits

    RTK Portable Bluetooth Kit


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simpleRTK2B-SBC - the Single Board Computer for dual band GPS/GNSS RTK

  • simpleRTK2B SBC development kit
    RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B SBC - Development Kit

    From 1.440,00

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  • Services

    SBC Custom Software


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  • simpleRTK2B SBC cases Accessories

    Plastic Case for simpleRTK boards

    From 39,00

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Starter kits - everything you need to start your project

  • simpleRTK2B Basic Starter Kit IP67 RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B - Basic Starter Kit

    From 211,00

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  • simpleRTK2B V3 - 4G NTRIP Starter Kit
    RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B - 4G NTRIP Starter Kit


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  • simpleRTK2B Starter Kit MR IP67 RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B - Starter Kit MR


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  • simpleRTK2B Starter Kit LR IP67 RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B - Starter Kit LR

    From 662,00

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  • RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B Lite – Basic Starter Kit


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  • RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B Heading - Basic Starter Kit

    From 444,00

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  • simpleRTK2B Starter Kit LR IP67 RTK starter kits

    simpleRTK2B - Starter Kit XLR


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  • Thingstream PointPerfect RTK SSR IP Starter-Kit RTK starter kits

    simpleSSR - Starter Kit incl. 1 year unlimited RTK corrections


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simpleRTK2B - build your own kit starting from one of our boards

  • RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B Budget

    From 172,00

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  • RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B Lite


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  • simpleRTK2B Fusion RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B Fusion

    From 299,00

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  • simpleRTK2B Pro RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B Pro

    From 226,00

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  • mPCIE top RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B mPCIe

    From 182,00

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  • simpleRTK2B micro ufl surface mount top RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B Micro

    From 199,00

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  • simpleRTK2B M.2 top RTK receivers

    simpleRTK2B M.2


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simpleRTK3B - high end low cost dual/triple band receivers (mm accuracy)

  • simpleRTK3B Mosaic X5 RTK receivers

    simpleRTK3B Pro

    From 575,00

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  • simpleRTK3B Mosaic H RTK receivers

    simpleRTK3B Heading

    From 750,00

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  • Helical triple band GNSS RTK antenna Antennas

    Lightweight helical GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)


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  • Survey calibrated GNSS RTK antenna triple band Antennas

    Calibrated Survey GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)


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  • Antena 3B budget survey Antennas

    Budget Survey Tripleband GNSS Antenna (IP66)


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  • Triple band choke ring antenna with cover Antennas

    3D Choke Ring GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)


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Open Source Hardware - OSHW designs for everyone

  • Septentrio mosaicHAT RTK receivers

    Septentrio MosaicHAT

    From 648,00

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  • Sparkfun GPS RTK2 top RTK receivers



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  • BNO085 Adafruit 4754 top Accessories, Plugins

    Adafruit 9-DOF Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO085


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simpleANT2B/3B - affordable and low power dual/triple band GPS/GNSS antennas

Radios and plugins - connect your base and rover with anything you want

Accessories - to make your life easier

Cables - let us help you connect things

Services - we can help you start your project

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