Shield for C099-F9P

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This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

– 1x Shield for C099-F9P

With the ArduSimple Shield for C099-F9P you will be able to add any ArduSimple plugin to your u-blox C099-F9P board. Make sure the switch is moved towards “XBEE TO C099”.

The Shield is connecting the UART TX/RX of the XBee device mounted on it, to the J9 connector of C099-F9P, pins 1 (RXD_ZED_ARD) and 2 (TXD ZED). This means:

  • The RX of the Shield goes to ZED-F9P TX1.
  • The TX of the Shield goes to a multiplexer, which can be connected directly to ZED-F9P RX1.

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