Conditions of use

  • ArduSimple Products may not be used in weapons and weapon systems (e.g. systems for identifying targets or for the guidance of missiles, bombs or bullets), including for testing and simulation of such weapon systems.
  • Ardusimple’s Products are not intended for use as critical components in or in combination with (a) automated driving assistance device or system in any automotive application and mechanism, or (b) any kind of medical life-saving or life support device or system (including any device or system that is intended for surgical implant into the human body or to support or sustain life) and whose malfunction or failure to perform may result in significant injury or death to the user, or (c) any nuclear facilities, or (d) any air traffic control device, application or system, or (e) any other device, application or system where it is reasonably foreseeable that failure of the Product(s) as used in such device, application or system would lead to death, bodily injury or property damage. A component is critical when its malfunction or failure to perform may cause the failure of a device or system, or may affect the effectiveness of such device or system. Any use for which ArduSimple Products are not intended for is at customer’s risk and customer shall indemnify ArduSimple from claims resulting from such use.