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RTK Applications


That benefit from centimeter precision

Expensive centimeter GPS-RTK technology is a thing of the past. These applications are already taking advantage of affordable and simpler to use RTK GPS/GNSS technology

Survey & Mapping

• Are you dividing a plot of the land?
• Is it needed to map forest trails?
• Do you  need to implement a pipeline project or to put cable underground?

Research & Development

• Are you developing a product based on RTK technology?
• Is your development team new to RTK technology?
• Would you like to make a fast proof-of-concept?

Precision Agriculture

• Reduce your operating costs by saving on fuel, seeds, chemicals and time
• Increase productivity thanks to driver assistance or autosteering
• Drop seeds & chemicals or localize pests with centimeter precision

Drones & UAV

• Not happy with the precision of your drone’s landing point?
• Don’t manage to land on a moving platform?
• Would you like to georeference onboard sensors with high accuracy?

Ground Robots

• Your lawnmower is cutting your neighbor’s plants?
• Is your autonomous robot  overlaying when doing pass to pass?
• Your sensor calibration is not good enough because of poor GPS?

Maritime & Inland Waterways

• Looking for a heading (GPS compass) or full attitude system (AHRS) that is affordable? • Your existing Inertial Navigation Unit drifts too much over time? Continue…

Heavy Duty Vehicles

• Do you need to measure height and volume of ore material beneath your machine? • Need to track permanently the terrain properties? Continue…

Location-based Games

• Are you passionate about location-based games?
•  Do you play Geocaching, Pockemon GO, Waymarking etc? Are you a scout?
•  Are you a developing location-based game?

Road and Automotive

Road autonomous driving

• Existing GPS tracking systems are not accurate enough?
• Do you need to track your fleet to the centimeter?
• Airport , seaport & carpark management can now be tracked with centimeter precision at affordable cost.


• Knowing the train’s precise position, velocity and heading is one of the key components to enabling smart railways.
• Semi or fully automated trains can deliver service timed to the second, optimize energy use and increase railway safety.

Base stations network

Smart machines, robots and devices are finding their way to every industry. Wherever there is a need for accurate centimeter level positioning GPS/GNSS correction networks can supply the data needed to augment stand-alone GNSS. 

Sports and Racing

• Not happy with the accuracy of your GPS-based timing system?
• Would you like to know your path was 2 centimeters right or left from the previous lap?
•  Would you like to measure the pitch and roll of your racecar?

Your industry?

simpleRTK2B production

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