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Hookup Guides
Short and straight to the point guides to learn what you can do with each connector onboard. If you ordered one of our boards or antennas and want to get fast up and running, this is the right section for you.

4G NTRIP Client

PCB Integration Guides
Are you developing a PCB together with our products? In addition with the hookup guides, our PCB Integration Guides will provide you with useful information to reduce the number of PCB iterations.

Pole with surveyor kit

Professional Sets
If you own a Professional Product, you probably just want to open your box, connect USB cable and go to work. Check out our high level tutorials by clicking on the image.

SBC Documentation
Our Single Board Computer is a complex product and requires its own documentation page. Click on the image to explore this product in detail.

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Q&A Forum
With more than a 1’000 entries, in our Questions & Answers Forum you will find the most common questions from other users of the technology.

Once the same question arrives a few times, we like to prepare a tutorial. Tutorials are step by step guides that will allow you to accomplish a specific task.

Configuration Files
Configuring an RTK kit can be sometimes complex. Start from our configuration files to reach your goal much faster.

Compatible software
If you want to use your RTK receiver together with a PC/Tablet/Phone, you will have to choose a software. Check out this section to get some ideas.

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