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simpleRTK2B Lite



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– 1 simpleRTK2B Lite board (ZED-F9P)
– 1 USB-C Carrier Board for XBee Plugins
– 1 USB to USB-C cable

simpleRTK2B Lite is a compact standalone board that allows to integrate dual band RTK GNSS technology including centimeter level accurate position.
It’s powered by u-blox ZED-F9P module and can be used standalone with a USB cable, or connected Ardupilot / Pixhawk (JST connector). It can provide up to 10 RTK positions every second.

This board is ideal for a compact and lightweight ZED-F9P integration.
More details are available in the Specifications and Documentation tabs.

Good to know:
– This product is compatible but doesn’t include multiband GNSS antenna, which is necessary to use the product.
– The module will not give good performance with a standard GNSS antenna, requires a multiband one.
– This product can be used as Base or Rover
– This board is recommended if you want to have u-blox ZED-F9P performance.
– The onboard XBee socket can be used to expand functionality with Plugin accessories (MR/LR radios, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Dataloggers, RS232, Canbus, L-Band). Not compatible with high power XBee accessories (XLR radio and 4G NTRIP Master).
– Compatible with Ardusimple plastic case for Lite board

Product Change History:
– AS-RTK2B-LIT-L1L2-SMA-00: initial version
– AS-RTK2B-LIT-L1L2-SMA-01: changed included adapter board from Mini-USB to USB-C



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