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RTK Professional kits

Professional Kits

Ready to work


Affordable and ready to work RTK sets for professional users. Everything you need to start your surveying or high precision tasks with RTK and centimetre level accuracy.

RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit
Traditional survey performance at affordable cost.

RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit
Portable survey performance that fits on your hand.

RTK Portable Bluetooth Kit
The minimum that you need to achieve centimeter level precision.

Key features

what our Professional kits are capable of

Centimeter level precision
<1cm with a base station up to 35km
<1cm with NTRIP service up to 35km
<4cm with SSR corrections
<1.5m in standalone mode
<0.9m in standalone mode with SBAS

Raw GNSS measurements
Read the raw data from the satellites without any post-processing.
Use the NGS Calibration File for accuracy to the millimeter

Standard NMEA protocol
Compatible with most GNSS softwares thanks to standard NMEA protocol. Check our compatible software section.

Multi band
• L1, L2 and E5b
• Reduces convergence time
• Increases ambiguity fixing rates
• Increases overall cm-level position availability

Typical RTK convergence times of modules based on:
• Single band RTK (NEO-M8): <60s
• Multi band RTK (ZED-F9P): <10s

Use your smartphone also for work
If you already have a smartphone, why have a separate screen for your surveying tasks? Just connect your phone to our kits and enjoy

Multi constellation
• GPS: L1C/A L2C
• Galileo: E1-B/C E5b
• BeiDou: B1I B2I

Ready to work
Just connect to your favorite NTRIP service and enjoy centimeter-level precision in seconds

Low power
Enjoy 8 hours of work with a small external 1’000mAh battery, or power it directly from your phone