simpleRTK3B series from USD $633

Millimeter level GPS/GNSS receivers
Up to 100Hz position and 50Hz heading
• Based on Septentrio Mosaic-X5 and Mosaic-H
• Advanced Antijamming and Antispoofing
• Supporting L1/L2/L5
• Perfect for tenders and base station deployments

simpleRTK2B series from USD $198

Centimeter level GPS/GNSS receivers
Up to 10Hz position and heading
• Based on u-blox ZED-F9P and ZED-F9R
• Lightweight, low power and low cost
• Supporting L1/L2/E5b
Perfect for mass market applications

simpleGNSS series from USD $105

Submeter level GPS/GNSS receivers
Up to 10Hz position and -167dBm sensitivity
• Nanosecond timing accuracy
• Based on u-blox F10
• Supporting L1/L5
Perfect for meter-level accuracy in urban areas

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