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– 1 simpleRTK2B-mPCIe board with u-blox ZED-F9

Bring low cost high precision RTK GNSS positioning to your Mini PCI Express platforms thanks to ZED-F9 and this board fully compatible with MiniPCIe half-size and full-size sockets.

Good to know:
– The board by default is compatible with full size Mini PCI Express sockets, and it’s pre-cut so you can convert it to Half Size Mini PCI Express size.
– You will need a uFL to SMA pigtail to connect it to our Multiband GPS/GNSS antennas.
– ZED-F9T variant has an extra uFL connector for timepulse output.
– If you are looking for this board with ZED-F9K  just contact us, we can build them in a few days.

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ZED-F9 variant


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