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Engineering Series

Engineering Series

Receivers, Antennas and Communication accessories for your RTK project


We take care of the complex stuff like RF design, SMD assembly or software, so you can focus and accelerate your product development. Available on bulk pricing for cost saving.

Industrial Form Factor
If you have already selected an embedded computer and it has an expansion socket available, it will make your life easier to go for a standard form factor like M.2 or Mini PCI Express.

Micro Form Factor
On the other hand, if you are doing your own PCB design but are not planning thousands of units in production, don’t get in trouble assembling expensive SMD components: in case something else goes wrong in the design/production, you don’t want to throw the expensive part to the trash.

The ArduSimple Micro form factor gives you a lot of advantages to accelerate your project and reduce your total cost and risk:

  • Allows you to re-use expensive SMD components in case something goes wrong.
  • Takes care of all the RF complexity so you only need to worry about connecting an antenna directly to the module.
  • Delay the money invested for the expensive part, produce first 100pcs of your low cost board without GNSS/RTK receiver, and only when boards are with you an tested you can buy the 10-20 GNSS/RTK boards that you need.
  • Solder by hand ZED-F9P or Septentrio module
  • Re-use ZED-F9P or Septentrio module in case something goes wrong, or you simply want to upgrade your design with new generation features
  • Use the same PCB design for both ZED-F9P and Septentrio Mosaic.

simpleRTK2B Micro
The perfect match for your first PCB project. Almost ZED-F9P size and much faster to integrate.

simpleRTK2B Micro
When you are ready for your first large production go for the bulk pricing option for cost reduction.

simpleRTK3B Micro
Septentrio Mosaic-X5 and Mosaic-H for small PCB integrators, in easy to solder by hand form factor. 

RTK Antennas

Dual band simpleANT2B antennas in bulk package

Survey performance at affordable price

Survey performance with NGS calibration

Lightest dual band antenna in the market

Internal antenna to build your own product

Lowest cost dual band antenna in the market

Communication plugins

Easy to use UART-to-anything though hole plugins in bulk package

Bluetooth module
UART-to-Bluetooth Classic bridge. Preconfigured for bi-directional data at 38’000bps but configurable with AT Commands.

Ethernet NTRIP Master
UART-to-Ethernet bridge with configurable features:
TCP/UDP client/server
NTRIP client/server
PointPerfect client

4G NTRIP Master
UART-to-2G/3G/4G bridge with configurable features:
TCP client
NTRIP client/server
PointPerfect client

WiFi NTRIP Master
UART-to-WiFi bridge with configurable features:
TCP/UDP client/server
NTRIP client/server/caster
Web interface

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