RTK in 5-minutes


Do you want to learn in 5 minutes how to upgrade your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to have centimeter precision? You are in the right place.

There are 3 ways of getting centimeter level position. Which one is for you?

A. With access to correction service via internet (also called NTRIP)
Most countries have deployed RTK networks to support surveyors in the territory. Some governments even allow access for free. Alternatively there is also a community of users that publish their base stations online for free.

Starting from 211€ / 249$

B. A second RTK receiver installed in a static location next to you (up to 35km)
If you want to be completely independent from services, you can decide to install your own base station. This base station can be at maximum 35km from your location.

Starting from 444€ / 530$

C. Integrated RTK-SSR corrections
If option A and B are not for you, or you find them too complicated, there is an option of getting a RTK receiver with integrated RTK-SSR corrections. Literally just plug and start enjoying centimeter level precision.

Starting from 845€ / 999$

A. I have access to RTK Correction Service (NTRIP)

If this is your case, you only need one RTK Board and one RTK Antenna.

If you are a DIY user or you would like to go for the minimum, the simpleRTK2B – Basic Starter Kit is the product for you.

If on the other hand you prefer to receive the electronics inside a box or you want to resell RTK receivers under your own brand, you might prefer to check out our Professional Sets, where the most affordable is the RTK Portable Bluetooth Kit.

Once you receive the material and you have your NTRIP username and password, you just need to follow one of these tutorials:

B. I want to install my own base station

If you don’t have access to correction services or you simply want to be independent from them, a Base+Rover setup might be the way to go. The “Base Station” will have to be installed in a static location performing measurements of the GNSS errors, while the “Rover” can be travelling around enjoying centimeter level accuracy. There is a limitation and is that both Base and Rover need to see more or less the same satellites, for this reason the maximum range of this solution is around 35km.

For units which are very close to each other (up to 10 meters), we can use cables to connect them. To cover longer distances we will need a wireless communication. For this reason we added a socket (we call it XBee socket) to our RTK receivers, so adding wired or wireless communication between base and rover would be an almost plug-and-play task.

To make it even simpler, we developed a few starter kits for this setup:

Once you receive your kit, you just need to follow our MR/LR/XLR Hookup Guide.

C. Receivers with integrated RTK-SSR corrections

Traditionally having access to RTK-SSR technology was complex and only available for large companies buying thousands of units. For this reason at ArduSimple we decided to launch simpleSSR receiver to make this technology available to everyone.

simpleSSR products remove the hassle of installing a Base Station or getting a contract for an RTK correction service, and enable literally plug and play RTK: just power the RTK receiver with simpleSSR accessory, wait 1-2 minutes and enjoy centimeter level accuracy in all the coverage area.

Do you want to learn more? Checkout our RTK in detail page.

Or do you have questions? Just contact us, we always answer.

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