Shield for Septentrio Native Ethernet



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This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

– 1x Shield for Native Ethernet
– 1x Arduino Headers Kit

With the ArduSimple Shield for Native Ethernet you can expand your simpleRTK3B Board to use the integrated Ethernet functionality inside Septentrio Mosaic.

With this accessory you will be able to configure the Ethernet features directly from the Septentrio web interface.

Good to know:
– Note that this accessory only works plug-and-play with Septentrio boards shipped after January 2023. Contact us if you have any doubt.
– This accessory requires that your Septentrio module is updated with firmware v4.14.0 or newer.


To use this product follow these steps:
1. Stack it on top of your simpleRTK3B with headers soldered.
2. Move the switch on your simpleRTK3B towards 5V = OUT.
3. Connect via USB and go to the Septentrio Web Interface, section Ethernet and turn the feature ON.
4. Default configuration is expecting a DHCP server in your network, otherwise you can set manually your preferred IP settings.
5. Store these new settings in memory, so they remain after a power cycle.

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