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RTK Starter Kits

All you need in one click


Decide what you want to test and let our pre-configured Starter Kits pack the minimum set of items needed to start your project.

Basic Starter Kits

The most basic set of Multiband RTK receiver + Multiband antenna to believe it is possible to achieve centimeter level at an affordable cost. Choose between the larger size and more flexible simpleRTK2B or the ultracompact simpleRTK2Blite for size critical projects. They can be configured as base or rover.


Base + Rover Kits

If you want to install your own base station our pre-configured Medium Range (up to 1km), Long Range (up to 10km) and eXtra Long Range (up to 50km) are the easiest way to start your project. Check our MR/LR hookup guide to see how simple it is to get up and running.

Looking for a more ready-to-use kit with all accessories included?
Check our Professional Kits

RTK Heading

Plug and Play GPS compass based using 2 GPS RTK receivers. Forget about magnetometers that need calibration or drift over time. Check our simpleRTK2B+heading hookup guide to understand what you will receive and how does it work.

Use a professional RTK service provider and build your own kit

If you prefer to not worry about the base station installation and you simply prefer to use a provider with quality of service, build your own RTK kit starting from one the available options: u-blox PointPerfect of Swift Navigation Skylark.

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