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WiFi NTRIP Master



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This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

– WiFi radio module including NTRIP software, with soldered headers (XBee socket compatible)

With Ardusimple WiFi NTRIP Master module, you will be able to connect to your preferred RTK NTRIP service provider without any complexity, just by turning ON the hotspot feature on your mobile phone or other device. You can also use it as a NTRIP server/caster or use a direct TCP/UDP client/server connection.

Checkout the WiFi NTRIP Master hookup guide to learn everything about this product.

Good to know:
– Default configuration is at 115’200bps
– Compatible with simpleRTK3B, simpleRTK2B and simpleRTK2Blite
– Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi
– It’s based on ESP32, so you can also write you own software on it
– It’s open source and you can find the design files and source code in GitHub: https://github.com/nebkat/esp32-xbee/releases
– It is the same hardware as the BLE Bridge so you can also use it for that purpose (by changing the firmware)


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