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PointPerfect L-Band Corrections Receiver NEO-D9S



This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

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– NEO-D9S module with soldered headers (XBee socket compatible)
– Pigtail uFL to SMA-Male (20cm) so you can share one antenna with 2 receivers

This product requires approval by u-blox.
Please fill all the information in the form below and we will put you in contact with u-blox PointPerfect representative.
Once you get the approval we will contact you so you can proceed with the purchase.

SSR (State Space Representations) technology, also called PPP-RTK,  provides RTK-like performance over large areas for your RTK receiver. This correction data is provided via L6 band (L-band).

If you are in Europe or Continental North America, and after getting a PointPerfect subscription, just plug ArduSimple PointPerfect Corrections L6 receiver NEO-D9S onto your XBee socket, upload your credentials and start enjoying high precision GNSS.

Good to know:
– This board includes u-blox NEO-D9S
– The product includes an RF-splitter so you only need 1 antenna for both your RTK receiver and the L-band receiver. If you want you can also connect to separate antennas, one for the RTK receiver and another one for the L-band receiver.
– The ZED-F9P needs to receive the SPARTN keys to decrypt PointPerfect at each startup. This procedure can be done via u-center manually. Keys change every 2 months.
– You will need a good L-band (L6) antenna to receive the correction stream like Calibrated Survey GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67) or Lightweight helical GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)
– This XBee accessory is only compatible with u-blox ZED-F9P and ZED-F9R boards (simpleRTK2B series). For a compatible version for Septentrio or other third party receivers contact us.


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