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RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit

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Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

“RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit items” includes:
simpleRTK2Blite with XBee to USB adapter
Survey calibrated antenna with 1.5m TNC-SMA cable
Bluetooth 2.0
– Plastic case for simpleRTK2Blite
– Mini USB cable
USB OTG microUSB-B (14cm)
USB OTG type C (22cm)
– Universal smartphone holder with 3M-Backed Rubber Pads, fits any smartphone from 5.3cm to 9.3cm with or without case
– Clamp to hold the smartphone holder to the pole
– Velcro strap (20cm) to fix the receiver to the back of the smartphone holder

“Pole for survey GNSS antenna” includes:
Surveying pole

With the RTK Calibrated Surveyor Kit you will have everything you need to start your surveying tasks with RTK and centimetre level accuracy.
You can use your preferred Android app to power and connect to the simpleRTK2Blite receiver via USB OTG (type C or microB) or by Bluetooth.

You will only need to configure your NTRIP credentials and you are ready to go!

Good to know:
– You can power and connect to the GNSS receiver with only one USB OTG cable
– You can also use Bluetooth 2.0
Fits any smartphone from 5.3cm to 9.3cm with or without case
– You can also use a tablet with this kit (tablet holder not included)
– Smarpthone is not included
– This product is not compatible with iOS devices


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