1 centimeter precision GPS... made simple

Affordable and plug&play GPS/GNSS RTK receivers for individuals and professionals

RTK receivers from 172€

• Based on u-blox ZED-F9P F9H F9R
• Short lead time for high quantities
• Lightweight and low power

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simpleRTK3B Mosaic X5
simpleRTK3B Pro Mosaic-X5 499€/580$
Professional Kits from 275€

• Professional survey & mapping kits
• Use your preferred software
• Finally own instead of rent

Ardusimple professional kits
Starter Kits from 211€

• Pre-configured Base+Rover sets
• All you need to start your project
• GPS compass, RTK-SSR corrections

XBee Radio Links from 34€

• WiFi, UHF, Bluetooth, cellphone
• Optimized for RTK communications
• Plug&play in XBee form factor

Ardusimple radio links

• OEM, rugged, waterproof, calibrated
• High performance
• OEM format (no printed brand)

Ardusimple multiband RTK antennas
Accessories from 5€

• Cable extenders, adapters, …
• All you need for your RTK project
• Customizable plastic cases

• Read RTK in 5 minutes
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• Survey and Mapping
• Precision agriculture
• Drones/Autonomous vehicles
• R&D and more…