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Waterproof Transport Case IP67


From 59,00

This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

These cases will keep your valuable equipment safe from water, dust and impacts.
It contains pre-cut high density foam cubes so you have complete flexibility to adapt it to your items, no tools are needed to customize the foam, you can remove them with your finger tips.

The small case can fit a survey antenna and a receiver (with its accessories) so it is ideal for most of our professional kits.
The large case can fit 2x survey antennas, 2x receivers, … and is ideal for base-rover setups.

Good to know:
– It’s only the plastic case, doesn’t include electronics
– No need of tools to customize the foam inside (in the picture the foam cubes are intact, but you can remove them to fit your items)
– Easily lockable for secure transport
– IP67 Rating, ATA300 specs, MIL specs: DEFSTAN 81-41 + STANAG 4280
– Automatic pressure release valve
– Temperature range: -30ºC / 90ºC


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