We have got many questions related with this topic and we decided to make a video:

The simpleRTK2B shield is compatible with all the GNSS applications available for Android/iOS that support USB or Bluetooth connections with an external GNSS unit.

You can connect the shield to you smartphone by:

  • Using an USB cable (good option because at the same time you will power the simpleRTK2B shield and receive data)
  • Using a Bluetooth modem. This option will allow you also to connect the shield to a computer via Bluetooth and run more heavy applications.

The simpleRTK2B shield works great as a standalone board, which you can use directly with your computer or your smartphone.

But we are sure that most of you have many projects in mind that need multiband RTK technology.
If you are this kind of user, we want to make things easy for you.
We have uploaded in our Github site an example code to parse the UBX messages from the ZED-F9P, so you don’t need to spend non productive time writing code that is not related with your project.

In this video tutorial you will see how to connect the simpleRTK2B with a STM32 Nucleo L152RE board for a debug session: