Share your base station with RTK2go

RTK2go is the world’s most popular free NTRIP Caster created to allow you to publish your GNSS RTK correction streams for others to use with their NTRIP Clients.

In this quick tutorial we will explain step by step what you need to do to connect your base station to RTK2go. If you use a different caster, you can jump directly to Step 2.

Hardware needed:

Step 1: create a RTK2go account

  • Register from this link
    • You will be asked to enter your name and e-mail address and Mountpoint name.
      Leave the Message format to Auto Parse and NTRIP protocol to use to NTRIP Rev1.
      Other fields are optional.
  • An automatic e-mail will be sent. You need to reply to the sender to confirm your registration.
  • A few minutes after your reply, you will get another e-mail to confirm that your mountpoint is available.

Step 2: configure your receiver as Base station

Step 3: use a NTRIP server to connect to RTK2go caster

  • For this we will use WiFi NTRIP Master option called NTRIP Server
  • You need to enable it, enter as host and 2101 as port
  • Enter your Mountpoint and the password used during registration
  • Click Submit button and if everything is ok you will see an outstream of data like in the below picture

Step 4: final checks

  • To see that your mountpoint is publicly available, go to:
  • Search for your mountpoint name and you should see it together with additional information