How to load antenna calibration files to simpleRTK3B receivers

RTK antenna calibration Septentrio

Antenna calibration files are used to increase even more the accuracy of GNSS measurements.
If you have a double or triple band calibrated antenna, you can use their ANTEX and ANTINFO calibration files available from NOAA for post-processing.

If you have a simpleRTK3B Pro (Septentrio Mosaic-X5) or simpleRTK3B Heading (Septentrio Mosaic-H) GNSS receivers, you can use this calibrations directly for RTK positioning.

The process is extremely easy, you don’t even need to download the ANTEX/ANTINFO files from NGS/NOAA:

  1. Connect your receiver to your PC via POWER+GPS USB port
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Go to Admin > Upgrade and make sure you have the latest firmware.
    Mosaic X5 firmware should be >=
    Mosaic H firmware should be >= 4.9.1
  4. If you don’t have the latest firmware, please check Septentrio website and update it
  5. Go to GNSS > Position > Antenna Information > Antenna type
  6. Select your ArduSimple (or other vendors) antenna
  7. Click Ok, and Save the configuration
RTK antenna calibration Septentrio

That’s all!

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