Configure your simpleRTK2B receiver with your smartphone

There are plenty of tutorials explaining how to change the configuration of your ZED-F9P with u-center, but sometimes you are in the field and you don’t have a laptop to do this.

In this tutorial we will show you an easy way to do this. The following list shows use cases examples:

  • I have a receiver acting as a rover and I need it as a base station
  • I have a receiver acting as a base station and I need it as a rover
  • I want to change my base station survey in configuration
  • I want to set my base station fixed coordinates (ECEF)
  • I want to set my base station fixed coordinates (geodetic)

This tutorial can be used if you have any GNSS receiver based on the ZED-F9P and you communicate with it from an Android smartphone/tablet via one of our plugins:

Steps 1 and 2 only need to be done one time.
If you have any of our Professional Kits purchased from November 2022, you can start directly from step 2.

  1. Load the Bluetooth on simpleRTK2B or simpleRTK2Blite configuration file.
    The configuration file and instructions on how to do it can be found here
  2. Open any of the installed apps, go to the Settings menu > Send > set Edit mode as HEX.

These steps (from 3) need to be done every time you want to change your GNSS receiver configuration:

  1. Power your GNSS receiver
  2. Open your USB/Bluetooth/WiFi Terminal app and connect your device
  3. Visit our configurator site, configure your receiver as desired and press the Copy command button
  4. Paste the copied command on the Terminal app and press the send button
  5. That’s all! You can now disconnect from the Terminal app and use your normal workflow

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