WiFi NTRIP Master firmware update

ArduSimple WiFi NTRIP Master board (aka ESP32 XBee) is in continuous development and new versions with cool new features are being released periodically.
In this brief tutorial we will show you step by step how to do it.

  1. Download the firmware update tool from here
    Unzip the file and save the folder in your computer.
    This tool won’t change between firmware releases.
  2. Check the last firmware release: https://github.com/nebkat/esp32-xbee/releases and download the following files to your computer:
    (Ignore the rest of the files)
  3. If you have a simpleRTK2B/3B receiver: Make sure your simpleRTK2B/3B board has the UARTs disabled, here’s a tutorial.
    Connect the WiFi NTRIP Master board to your simpleRTK2B/3B board and connect a USB cable from your PC to the POWER+XBEE port
    If you have a simpleRTK2Blite: remove the simpleRTK2Blite from the USB to XBEE “blue board” and plug the WiFi NTRIP Master on the “blue board”. Connect the “blue board” to your PC.
  4. Run flash_download_tools_v3.6.7.exe tool
  5. Select ESP32 DownloadTool option
  6. Select the proper path to the binaries you downloaded in step 2 and make sure to set the tool as in this screenshot. Select the right COM port. (the paths and the COM port may differ)
  7. Press and keep pressed the WiFi NTRIP Master BOOT button, then press once the XBEE RESET button on the simpleRTK2B board.
    Release BOOT button.
  8. Click the START button and wait until the progress bar reaches the end and FINISH is shown
  9. After that, you only need to click the XBEE RESET button 🙂

BONUS: If you are registered in GitHub you can Watch the repository to get notifications when new releases are made

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