How to use Ardusimple products with Android smartphones/tablets

SW Maps tutorial

In this step by step tutorial we will explain  how to use your Android device with Ardusimple products.

  1. Make sure your device supports Bluetooth 2.0 or has USB OTG capabilities
  2. Make sure your Android language is set to English, since some users reported compatibility problems with other languages.
  3. Download SW Maps app from Google Play and install it in your device.
    There are many applications which are compatible with our devices, but SW Maps is our preferred one: supports u-blox F9P modules, has an integrated NTRIP client, it is light and free
  1. Since you have a RTK capable GNSS receiver, let’s connect it to a NTRIP server to get cm accuracy.
    Go back to SW Maps menu and select NTRIP Connection
    SW Maps tutorial
  2. Fill all the fields with your NTRIP provider data.
    Make sure to check Send NMEA GGA to NTRIP Caster if you are connecting to a VRS.
    SW Maps tutorial
  3. When you click CONNECT, if everything worked, you will see the data stream alive
    SW Maps tutorial
  4. You can see some details of your Ardusimple receiver by going to the SW Maps menu and selecting GPS Status or Skyplot
    SW Maps tutorial
    SW Maps tutorial
  5. In the main screen, you can click the button shown in the below picture to make the app center the map in your receiver location.
    The pointer showing your location will change its color depending on the fix status of your receiver.
    You can change the map layer, add points, tracks, export/import recorded locations and much more.
    SW Maps tutorial
  6. You can get used to the SW Maps app by trying the different options, but if you are looking for a manual you can find it here:

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