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Use PointPerfect with Septentrio and non u-blox receivers

simpleSSR with Thingstream Point Perfect

In order to use PointPerfect with non u-blox receivers and 4G NTRIP Master you need to:

  1. Enable the Select to use Point Perfect with non u-blox receivers checkbox on the parameter file generator.
  2. Configure your receiver to output NMEA-GGA, NMEA-ZDA, RTCM 1019, RTCM 1020 and RTCM 1046 messages at 115200bps
  3. Configure your receiver to input RTCMv3 messages at 115200bps

If you own a simpleRTK3B Pro or simpleRTK3B Heading receivers with Septentrio Mosaic GNSS modules, find below the detailed steps to follow the above instructions:

  • Connect the simpleRTK3B receiver via the POWER+GPS port to your PC
  • Open a browser and enter this address
  • Go to NMEA/SBF Out > New NMEA stream > Serial port > COM2 > check GGA and ZDA messages, click Finish
  • A popup window will appear on the bottom right corner, click Save
  • Go to Corrections > Corrections Input and set COM2 as RTCMv3, click OK
  • A popup window will appear on the bottom right corner, click Save
  • That’s all, enjoy your corrections 🙂

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