How to connect, configure GPS Receiver and update firmware with u-center

How to connect, configure GPS Receiver and update firmware with u-center

If you’re looking to connect and configure your GPS receiver using u-center software, you’ve come to the right place!

We prepared easy videotutorials to guide you through the process, from connecting your GPS receiver to your computer to updating its firmware and customizing the screen layout in u-center.

Required hardware:

  • RTK receiver
  • a USB cable to connect receiver to your computer (receivers may have different types of connectors, check what type of connector your receiver has)
  • a laptop or computer

Required software:

  • u-center (if you do not have it installed, we will explain you all the steps)

How to do it?

Firstly, connect to your GPS receiver and check communication:

Secondly, upload and create configuration files:

Thirdly, set your screen layout in u-center and save your prefered workspace:

Fourthly, check the firmware version and updating firmware:

If you want to follow this tutorial, order ArduSimple Starter kits to enable high precision positioning in your GNSS RTK project.

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