Connecting simpleRTK3B to PinPoint GIS via Bluetooth

Are you a fan of Septentrio PinPoint GIS software and would like to connect your simpleRTK3B board via Bluetooth? Just follow these basic steps:

  • Connect via USB to your board and access its Web Interface (check out the simpleRTK3B hookup guide if you don’t know how)
  • Go to the Menu Bar > Communications > Serial Port, and change COM2 baudrate to 38’400bps.
  • Go to the Menu Bar > NMEA/SBF Out, and enable NMEA serial streams on COM2. Usually GGA, VTG and RMC are the one used by most applications.
    • Optional: if you want to see satellite data you can also enable GSV. But careful, the bluetooth bandwidth is limited, if you enable this message no more than 1Hz.
  • Store this data in flash so it remains after switch off.

You can now open PinPoint GIS and connect your receiver via Bluetooth.

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