How to generate RINEX files with simpleRTK3B

How to generate RINEX files with simpleRTK3B cover

Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data. These files are useful to do PPK (post-processing).

In this tutorial we will guide you through the steps of generating RINEX files from your simpleRTK3B board powered by Septentrio Mosaic RTK module. SimpleRTK3B have onboard datalogging, so everything is easy.

There are two methods for saving logs:

  • Using a computer: You can link your receiver to a PC during the datalogging process.
  • Using a microSD card: This is ideal when you’re logging data in the field without a connected PC.

If you have a simpleRTK2B receiver, have a look at the tutorial How to build a portable PPK data logger with simpleRTK2B Pro receiver.

Required hardware:

Required software:

How to generate RINEX files with simpleRTK3B?

  1. Insert the microSD card into the datalogger slot of your receiver.
    If you are going to log data with your receiver connected to your computer, you can skip this step, as you can directly log the data to your PC.
  1. Connect your receiver to your computer via the USB port labeled with POWER+GPS.
  1. Open Septentrio web interface by typing in your browser.
  1. Go to menu–>Logging. At Enable Logging choose Logging on. Click +New SBF stream.
  1. Choose Rinex.
  1. Press Ok and Save the configuration.
Now you have the RINEX file prepared and ready for post-processing!

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