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Geoid model for your country to measure orthometric height


We’ve explained the different types of heights in the tutorial Ellipsoidal, Orthometric, and Geoid heights, and what they mean for your work.

When taking measurements, you might find that the positional information appears accurate, but the height may not be correct. This error could arise from forgetting to input the height of your pole. Alternatively, your receiver might be outputting ellipsoidal height by default, while you are in need of geoid height. In such situations, employing a conversion file becomes necessary.

Even though geoid models are designed on a global scale, they are usually used for specific places, like your own country or region.

We’ve collected geoid data for different countries for you. Check out the geoid for your area and get started on your project with better accuracy!

You can also use the Global file (EGM2008), if you can’t file the high resolution file in your region.  

Once you found an appropriate geoid model, check out how to use a custom geoid for high quality orthometric height measurements with your Android device.

Global Link
Andorra Link
Australia Link
Austria Link
Belgium Link
Canada Link
China Link
Czech Republic (Czechia) Link
Denmark Link
Finland Link
France Link
Germany Link
Greece File
Hungary File
India Link
Ireland Link
Israel File
Italy File
Japan Link
Mexico Link
Netherlands File
Norway Link
Poland Link
Portugal Link
Romania Link
South Korea Link
Spain Link
Sweden Link
Switzerland Link
Taiwan Link
Turkey Link
United Kingdom (UK) Link
United States (USA) Link

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