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How to build a portable PPK data logger

simpleRTK2B plastic case

Today we are going to show step by step how to build a standalone PPK (Post-Processing Kinematic) data logger, including how to configure simpleRTK2B-F9P to output RAW measurements and store them into SD card files that can be converted to RINEX. Conversion from UBX to RINEX is not covered in this tutorial.

This is the minimum list of items that you need:

A bit of background information. At the moment of writing ZED-F9P is only supporting RAW measurements over UART1, and not over UART2. RAW measurements are output in a propietary UBX format, that later can be converted to RINEX files with third party tools.

simpleRTK2B v3

But let’s get to the point with 4 simple steps:

  1. On the simpleRTK2B V3, move the switch under the XBee socket to “XBEE TO UART1”.
  2. Check and upgrade to the latest firmware.
  3. Load the configuration file called RAW data (PPK) over UART1 & USB at 1Hz. Don’t forget to store it permanently with UBX-CFG-CFG step.
  4. Install the SD Serial Data Logger on the XBee socket.

And you are ready to go! Just power up via your laptop, powerbank, mobile phone and the system will generate a new file in the SD card every time. Remove power or press RESET button to start a new file.

Now that the configuration is done, you can use the optional items to make it look like a pro.