PointPerfect L-Band key update


If you own a PointPerfect L-Band Corrections Receiver NEO-D9S and you are connecting it to a ZED-F9P, you will need to send a security key to the ZED-F9P so it can decrypt the correction stream properly.

The key has a validity of 28 days and each credentials file contains two consecutive keys, so depending on the period you get your credentials, your ZED-F9P can use the same credentials for as much as 56 days or as minimum of 28 days.

The process to store the key is extremely easy:

  1. Login to your Thingstream portal > Location Services > Location Things > select your location thing
  2. Go to Credentials and download the u-center Config .json credentials file
  3. If you are using ArduSimple credentials, please skip steps 1 and 2, we will send you the credentials file by e-mail (notice that one file is valid as long as the subscription is valid, no need to download a new .json credential file every 28 days)
  4. Plug your L-Band receiver on top of the simpleRTK2B board
  5. Connect your simpleRTK2B board to your PC via the POWER+GPS USB port
  6. Open u-center (make sure you use v22.05 or newer)and connect to the receiver
  7. Go to Receiver > MQTT Client… > Select JSON config file
  8. Check Subscribe to key topic uncheck the rest of the options
  9. Click OK
  10. That’s all!

If you want to check that your key has been stored into your ZED-F9P, you can go to View > Messages View > UBX-RXM-SPARTNKEY and you should see some data there.

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