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How to connect RTK receiver to iOS device (iPhone or iPad) via BT+BLE Bridge?

In this tutorial you will learn how to connect your GNSS/RTK receiver (simpleRTK2B, simpleRTK3B or any other receiver) to any iOS device.

With ArduSimple BT+BLE Bridge module, you will be able to connect your ArduSimple receiver to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and use it with compatible software.

The ArduSimple BT+BLE Bridge module acts like a bridge/tunnel sending any incoming data from your GNSS receiver towards the listening device and sending all incoming data from your BT/BLE device to your GNSS receiver.

Currently, the number of applications that supports external GNSS receiver connecting via Bluetooth on iOS is still quite limited. In this tutorial we use SW Maps because at this moment it is the only free app available at App Store.

But we hope that with this new solution more and more developers will decide to upgrade or create new iOS apps that make use of centimeter precision.

Required hardware:

Required software:

  • SW Maps (if you do not have it installed, you can download it from App Store)

How to connect ArduSimple RTK receivers to iOS smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth?

  1. Plug the RTK antenna to your receiver. Place your antenna in a location with good view of the sky, or near a window.
  2. Open the SW Maps on your iOS device. Click on the map icon on the top left corner to open the menu. Press Bluetooth GNSS.
  1. Press Scan and search for the Bluetooth Devices created with name BT+BLE_Bridge_xxxx.
  2. Set the parameters Log To File and Generic NMEA (Bluetooth LE) as it is shown on the picture. In the Instrument Height(m) setting, if you put 0.0, the system will provide the position of the antenna. If you want to get the position of the ground, put in the height of your device.
  3. Press Connect.
  1. You will see ¨Bluetooth GNSS Connected!¨ in the Status. It means you have already connected your RTK receiver to your iOS device.
  1. You can open Skyplot to see the working satellites and your position information.

If you want to connect simpleRTK2B/3B series receiver to your iOS device via WiFi, please have a look at this tutorial.

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