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How to use ArduSimple RTK receiver with FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app

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FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app is a professional application for tractor parallel guidance, record keeping, mapping and tractor auto steering with high precision.

You can use FieldBee app with non-FieldBee GPS systems like ArduSimple RTK starter kits.

In this tutorial we will show you how to use ArduSimple RTK receivers with FieldBee.

Required hardware:

Required software:

How to use ArduSimple RTK receiver with FieldBee?

  1. Connect GNSS receiver to your Android device with USB cable. Ensure that your Android device is connected directly using a USB OTG cable, while a regular USB cable will suffice for your board.
  2. Connect the RTK antenna to your receiver. Place the antenna in a location with good view of the sky or near a window for testing the functionality.
  3. In the GPS source menu of FIeldBee, there are several options:
    • Build-in GPS is the internal GPS from your phone
    • L1 or L2 Receiver and Autosteer are for FieldBee products
    • Others receivers is for non FieldBee external GPS receivers
To connect ArduSimple RTK receivers we can use two options:
  • Others Receivers: to connect external receiver, which is available exclusively in the paid version. However, it lacks a built-in NTRIP correction feature to achieve centimeter level accuracy.
  • Build-in GPS: It is a free option to connect ArduSimple RTK receiver and and we’ll guide you how to achieve centimeter level position.
  1. You can start your accurate farming tasks: drive in straight, curved, headland, and saved patterns, map the fields and obstacles, automatically capture field records while driving your agricultural vehicle.
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