Visualise GNSS RTK real-time data in Google Earth

Follow the steps of this tutorial to visualise real-time positioning and tracking data in Google Earth with your simpleRTK2B receiver.

Get your material ready:

Get position in Google Earth:

1. Close ‘u-center’ and ‘Google Earth’, if you have any of them open.
2. Run ‘u-center’ as administrator. For this, go to ‘Start’ menu in your PC and right click with your mouse on
top of the software icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’.

3. Connect your receiver to your PC and connect u-center to the COM PORT of your receiver.
4. Check that you are getting signal and that it has reached a fix position. You can check this through
‘Docking Windows’ -> Data

5. Open the ‘File’ tab and from the different ‘Database Export’ options, choose ‘Google Earth Server…’. A window with Google Earth settings will appear, if you do not wish to change anything, directly click ‘OK’.

6. This will open ‘Google Earth’ automatically and zoom into the location of the receiver connected to ‘u-center’. You should then start visualising the real-time data collected.

7. Empty the database to start collecting data from any desired position by clicking in ‘Empty Database’ icon in ‘u-center’.

8. You can stop real-time tracking whenever you wish. One way to do this is by disconnecting your board from ‘u-center’. This will automatically stop tracking in ‘Google Earth’. Renew the tracking by simply connect again to the receiver COM PORT.

Now you can trace your position and visualise your tracks at centimeter-level accuracy in Google Earth!

Tips for editing your data or track:

By default, the data shown in ‘Google Earth’ will be in 3D (absolute). In order to edit this layer, and for example, obtain a 2D data collation or track:

1. Stop getting new data coming through so you can edit it. Disconnect your receiver from ‘u-center’.
2. Go to the legend that lists ‘Places’ and right clicking on the track layer that has been created and choose ‘Properties’.
3. From the new window, go to ‘Altitude’ and change from ‘Absolute’ to ‘Clamped to ground’.

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