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Ethernet NTRIP Master Hookup Guide

Overview and installation

The Ethernet NTRIP Master is an accessory that allows to connect your simpleRTK2B or simpleRTK3B board to a Ethernet network.

With the current firmware you can use this accessory as a NTRIP Client to provide corrections to your GNSS receiver. You can also turn your device as a server to allow other devices to connect to it, for example, to receive corrections or to monitor its status remotely.

The module has the following connections:

  • XBee socket. This module is compatible with all our products with XBee sockets (simpleRTK2B, simpleRTK2Blite, simpleRTK3B, …).
  • microUSB connector. We use it to update its parameters or to load new firmware. Notice that this connection does not power the Ethernet NTRIP Master, you always need to plug it into a XBee socket.
  • Ethernet connector. You need to plug an Ethernet cable to it. Connect the other end to your computer or a router for remote access.
  • BOOT button. Use it to load firmware (see instructions below).
  • LEDs. Right now they only show if the Ethernet NTRIP Master board is powered on.

To install this device, simply plug it into a GNSS receiver with XBee socket and power the receiver.
In normal operation there is no need to use the microUSB connector on it (we use it only to configure it).

Make sure your GNSS receiver is configured to receive RTCM at the proper UART port at 115200bps.

While you can set your Ethernet NTRIP Master IP parameters, the ports are fixed right now.
To use the Ethernet NTRIP Master as a server you have two ports available:

  • Port 28784: this port allows you to listen and also to send commands to your GNSS receiver. If you connect to this port, the NTRIP Client will be stopped temporally until you disconnect from it.
    This is the default port for Septentrio RxTools.
  • Port 28785: this port allows you only to listen to the messages being sent by your GNSS receiver. If you are using the NTRIP Client functionality, it won’t be affected by it.


To configure your Ethernet NTRIP Master, you should set its parameters:

  1. Plug the Ethernet NTRIP Master board into your GNSS receiver XBee socket, power your GNSS receiver.
  2. Connect the microUSB cable to your Ethernet NTRIP Master and your PC, a flash drive will appear
  3. Fill the form below with your network and NTRIP client configuration
  4. Press the Generate parameter file
  5. Drag and drop the generated file on your Ethernet NTRIP Master flash drive
  6. Restart your Ethernet NTRIP Master device

You can also read previous generated files by pressing the Read parameter file button.

General settings
NTRIP Client settings
NTRIP Server name
Server port
NTRIP credentials
NTRIP mountpoint
TCP Server settings
NTRIP Server is always enabled.
*Connect to port 28784 to listen and talk to your GNSS receiver.
Connect to port 28785 to listen to your GNSS receiver.

*NTRIP Client will be temporally disabled while there are active connections on port 28784. Will resume automatically once all connections are closed.


To update your SBC firmware you will need the following:

  • Ethernet NTRIP Master and microUSB cable
  • Latest Ethernet NTRIP Master firmware (zipped), you can find it below.
    Once unzipped, it contains a firmware.hex file and a main.py file.
  • STM32 Cube Programmer, you can download for free here

Please follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Ethernet NTRIP Master to the XBee socket of your GNSS receiver
  2. Make sure all cables are unplugged
  3. Press and keep pressed the Ethernet NTRIP Master BOOT button
  4. Connect the USB cable to the Ethernet NTRIP Master and to your computer
  5. Connect the USB cable to your GNSS receiver and to your computer
  6. You can now release the BOOT button
  7. Open STM32 Cube Programmer
  8. Select USB from the dropdown menu
  9. Click the refresh icon and wait until the port updates and shows a number
  10. Click the CONNECT button
  11. Click the Open File tab
  12. Browse and select your firmware .hex file
  13. Click the Download button and wait until it completes
  14. Reset power on your device
  15. When the flash drive appears again, drag and drop main.py
  16. Reset power on your device
  17. Congratulations, you completed the firmware update 🙂

Last version:

Older versions:

*** Ethernet NTRIP Master Changelog ***

2021-12-02 - FW V1.0
* Initial version, including Server and NTRIP Client functionalities.