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Meet our team in San Diego, United States, from Tuesday 23 until Thursday 25 of April at XPONENTIAL, booth 4700

simpleRTK2B – Basic Starter Kit

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From USD $242.65

This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

– 1 simpleRTK2B Budget board (ZED-F9P)
– 1 u-blox GNSS Multiband antenna ANN-MB-00 (IP67) with 5m cable

This standalone set of dual-band board based on u-blox ZED-F9P + u-blox ANN-MB-00 antenna is everything that you need to achieve centimeter level accuracy and evaluate multiband RTK GNSS technology at the most affordable cost.

To achieve centimeter level accuracy, you will need to connect it to a base station or to an RTK correction service (NTRIP or PointPerfect). You can use it with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The kit can be configured as a base or a rover, supports multi-rover. It is fully compatible with Arduino, STM32 Nucleo, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, ROS and Pixhawk / Ardupilot.

More details are available in the Specifications and Documentation tabs.

Good to know:
– This product is compatible but doesn’t include radio, which might be useful connect to another base.
– This product is recommended if you want to evaluate u-blox ZED-F9P.
– This product has the same RTK performance as u-blox C099-F9P.
– If you don’t know if you need the headers option, have a look at our article Do I need Arduino Headers option?



ZED-F9P features
  • Centimeter level precision
    • <1cm with a base station up to 35km
    • <1cm with NTRIP up to 35km
    • <4cm with SSR corrections
    • <1.5m in standalone mode
    • <0.9m standalone with SBAS coverage
  • Update rate
    • Default: 1Hz
    • With maximum performance: up to 10Hz
    • With reduced performance: up to 20Hz
  • Multi band: L1, L2 and E5b support
  • Multifrequency and Multiconstellation: 
    • GPS: L1C/A L2C
    • Galileo: E1-B/C E5b
    • BeiDou: B1I B2I
    • QZSS:  L1C/A L2C
  • Start-up times:
    • First position fix: 25 seconds (cold), 2 seconds (hot)
    • First RTK fix: 35 seconds (cold)
  • Interfaces (check product documentation to verify which are available):
    • USB
    • UART
    • XBee
    • Timepulse
    • Event
    • Safeboot
  • RAW data output in UBX format
  • Base and Rover functionality
  • Operating temperature Range: -40 to +85deg
  • Documentation: RED, RoHS


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