Meet our team in San Diego, United States, from Tuesday 23 until Thursday 25 of April at XPONENTIAL, booth 4700

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Meet our team in San Diego, United States, from Tuesday 23 until Thursday 25 of April at XPONENTIAL, booth 4700

RTK Applications: Location-based Games

Are you passionate about location-based games?

Do you play Geocaching, Pokemon GO, Waymarking, Munzee, Ingress, WallaBee, Actionbound?

 Do you want to have centimeter accurate location data to speed up and improve your gaming experience to the next level?

You are in the right place. ArduSimple welcomes all geo-gamers and introduces you RTK technology that offers more accurate challenges and location-based puzzles, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for players.
Are you new to RTK? You can find out what RTK is in 5 minutes. With RTK, players will be able to track its movements and position with centimeter accuracy, opening up new possibilities for game mechanics and strategies.

Do you play...


RTK technology can improve the accuracy of GPS coordinates, making it easier for players to find geocaches and navigate to specific locations. This can enhance the gameplay experience by reducing frustration and increasing the accuracy of navigation.

WallaBee ?

Collect and trade WallaBees easily! RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit can provide you more accurate location data for the items that you are looking for.

Pokemon GO?

By using ArduSimple GPS receivers, Pokemon Go players can improve their GPS positioning accuracy. This can lead to more accurate positioning of the in-game avatar and better interaction with Pokémon and game features.


Find and scan hidden QR codes easier with ArduSimple Professional kits! With ArduSimple you will be able to create more complex and challenging Munzee experiences by hiding QR codes in more difficult-to-reach locations.


Create and participate in interactive scavenger hunts and challenges using your smartphones with ArduSimple RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit to complete challenges and navigate to specific locations faster!


RTK technology can provide highly accurate location data, allowing players to capture and defend portals with greater precision. This can enhance the gameplay experience by making the game more challenging and strategic.


Use RTK technology used to create more accurate and detailed maps of waymark locations, to tag more precise coordinates, making it easier for other players to find and visit them!


RTK Handheld Surveyor Kit is a game changer that can provide you more accurate location data for clues and puzzle solutions, making it easier to solve them and progress through the game.

You are not a player, you are a developer?

We got you covered. Contact ArduSimple to get free technical support an advice within 24 hours.

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