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Meet our team in San Diego, United States, from Tuesday 22 until Thursday 25 of April at XPONENTIAL, booth 4700

RTK Applications: Ground robots

Ground-based robots are referred to by many terms like autonomous mobile robots (AMR), unmanned ground systems (UGS), unmanned ground robots (UGR), unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), ground drones, mobile robotic platforms.

The key element that unites these terms is that they all refer to ground-based robots that are capable of moving and operating autonomously without human intervention. They are equipped with advanced technologies, the main of which is RTK technology that enable them to navigate in the environment with centimeter-level accuracy and perform various tasks.  

ArduSimple enables high precision positioning solutions at a mass-market scale, even in segments where such solutions were previously considered impractical.

Agricultural robot

Agricultural or farming robots use RTK technology to perform various tasks in farming and equipped with sensors, a RTK receiver and antenna, which enables them to carry out tasks more efficiently. Check out affordable RTK Starter Kits from ArduSimple.  If you want to learn more, we have prepared the review of RTK use cases in precision agriculture.


Planting automation systems are used to plant seeds and trees in straight rows with high precision, improving crop yield and reducing waste.


Harvesting robots are designed to harvest crops such as fruits, vegetables, and grains with precision and speed and reduce the need for manual labor.


Field monitoring robots use sensors and cameras to monitor crop health and detect any issues such as pest infestations or disease.


Autonomous sprayers provide consistent and precise application of sprays, reducing human error and ensuring uniform coverage, and increase efficiency through accurate operations, saving time costs.


Weeding robots identify and remove weeds without the need for herbicides, reducing the use of harmful chemicals in farming.


Autonomous fertilizing platforms apply fertilizers and other nutrients to crops, improving soil quality.

Autonomous сleaner

If you want to develop an autonomous cleaner or snow plows for clearing snow from a road, or a street sweeper, or garbage robot for waste collection and disposal, RTK technology enables these robots to create a precise map of the floor space and then navigate it with precision, avoiding obstacles and cleaning in straight lines.

The use of RTK made it possible to automate the cleaning of solar panels from surface contamination.

Construction robot

Construction ground robots with RTK are used for surveying and site preparation to create accurate maps providing a clear and precise view of the site’s topography, contours, and features, measuring distances, angles, and elevations, to prepare the soil for construction, such as grading and leveling the land, or even for applying construction markings at high speed and with high accuracy. 

The unmanned ground systems are the the ideal solution for repetitive, time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks in the infrastructure, road and construction industries.

Delivery robot

Autonomous delivery robots are typically used to deliver packages and goods on the “last mile”, which reduces the need for human intervention. For high precision positioning, navigation, obstacle avoidance, outdoor robots need RTK. PointPerfect complements RTK technology to simplify implementation. PointPerfect makes it possible to use high-precision positioning solutions for the mass market of delivery robots. If you are new to PointPerfect, learn about the potential of RTK-SSR technology.

Firefighting vehicle

Robotic firefighting vehicle is capable of flowing the water and is remotely operated with a controller which provides high-definition video feedback for ultimate maneuverability in difficult conditions. Accurate position data provided by RTK technology allows to operate in challenging environments.

The firefighters are also using drones, given the rapid increase in traffic, the height of residential and commercial buildings, urbanization processes, and the multitude of hazardous substances used in construction. If you want learn more about the drones, we have prepared more use cases of them.

Inspection robot

Inspection robots are used to inspect buildings, wind turbines and structures for defects, cracks, corrosion, leaks, or other issues to identify potential problems and provide a detailed analysis of the structure’s condition. Inspection robots are also used to collect data from chemically contaminated, radiated, or inhabitable spaces.

Robotic inspections of wind turbines provide a detailed view of damage and help to identify any issues that need to be addressed, or identify problems with blades, bearings, or other turbine components.

Lawn mower

Lawn mowers equipped with RTK navigate and mow lawns with greater efficiency and accuracy. Gardening robots can be used both in larger areas such as parks and golf courses and in your backyard. We share with you an interesting project, especially useful for commercial landscapers and any of us who have a lawn: an Aftermarket Autopilot for Commercial Mowers.

DIY lawn can be made from scratch using various materials and components. Building a DIY lawn mower can be a fun and rewarding project for those who enjoy working with their hands. For those, we prepared a tutorial how to use ArduSimple with ROS and Ardupilot to help DIY enthusiasts to develop lawn mower in an easy way. We invite you to check out the customer’s project  that will allow you to build your own lawn mower.

Marking robot

Autonomous line making robots are designed to accurately paint field lines in stadiums, parks, sport clubs by applying paint to the turf through a nozzle. With the built-in RTK starter kit in marking robots, you can forget about ropes and the Pythagorean theorem to determine the correct field size or walk tens of hours every week pushing the line marker. simpleRTK2B Basic Starter kit enables the robot to move autonomously with centimeter-level accuracy. Learn more about simpleRTK2B integration with ROS.

Security robot

Security robots are used to patrol, to monitor large areas, to feed and alert security personnel in case of any suspicious activity, to grant or deny access to authorized personnel and to inspect areas that are difficult or dangerous for humans to access. Equipped with sensors, the RTK robot can map every detail of the terrain and find the quickest route to perform its mission.

Surveying robot

The purpose of a surveying robot is to streamline a series of work at sites, such as surveying and recording of coordinate data and to achieve labor-saving and high efficiencies in surveying work. Errors caused by man in reading and writing coordinates data are eliminated, and coordinates data can be prepared efficiently at the site office. Autonomous surveying system empowers surveying professionals to layout with greater precision and speed versus conventional methods.

Learn more about survey and mapping RTK applications.

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