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Find out what our team can do to speed up your project


At ArduSimple we are also en engineering services company. Whether you are just looking for a conference call to accelerate your project, or a turnkey service where you only want to provide a specification, we can do it.

Online Consulting

As simple as that, get 100% attention of one of our engineers for 110€/hour.



Online Training

You already have an engineering team but with no experience in RTK? Avoid spending months of self-learning. In 3 hours we put your team up to speed with the right basics and support documents so that your team can really start a project the next day.

PCB Design

Do you need a tailor-made design with RTK and you want it to work at the first shot? Let us design it for you. And just worry about preparing the specification.

simpleRTK2B production

PCB assembly and sourcing services

Are you tired of sourcing 100 different components and dealing with assembly problems and delays? We do this every day, we can also do it for you.

SW Development

Do you need a custom software development for simpleRTK2B-SBC? Let our team do it for you.

Plastic Case for simpleRTK2Blite 2

Mechanical Design

Do you need an enclosure for your product? Choose between our already designed cases with your own logo or let us design a new one for you. And just worry about preparing the specification.

Configuration Service

Do you want that your order is shipped already pre-configured to be used with your favorite software or meeting your wish list? Just add this item to your cart and write a description of what you need.

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