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simpleRTK2B integration with ROS

Dear followers,

For the ones who don’t know ROS, we quote the definition from their own website: ROS (Robot Operating System) provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. It provides hardware abstraction, device drivers, libraries, visualizers, message-passing, package management, and more. ROS is licensed under an open source, BSD license.

Many of our customers are or are willing to use ROS in their applications. For this reason today we would like to share with you the work being done by one of our customers msadowski. He is integrating with a ROS system our simpleRTK2B+heading Basic Starter Kit together with our LR radios, and really going step by step. If you are interested, you can follow his progress here: https://msadowski.github.io/

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team