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Multiband GNSS Antennas


affordable and low power dual band GPS/GNSS antennas that will allow you to reach centimeter-level accuracy with your RTK receiver

Survey performance at affordable price

Survey performance with NGS Calibration

Lightest dual band antenna in the market

Internal antenna to build your own product

Lowest cost dual band antenna in the market


everything you need to know about simpleANT2B

Frequency range:

  Calibrated Survey Helical OEM ANN-MB
GPS L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2
GLONASS L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2 L1/L2
BeiDou B1/B2/B3 B1/B2/B3 B1/B2/B3 B1/B2 B1/B2
Galileo E1/E5b/E6 E1/E5b/E6 E1/E5b E1/E5b E1/E5b
Cal File Yes (NGS) No No No No



  Calibrated Survey Helical OEM ANN-MB
Dimensions STEP model STEP model
STEP model
STEP model
STEP model
Max length 152mm 147mm 56mm 76mm 82mm
Weight 400g 390g 18g 78g 173g
Mag. base No No No No Yes
Mounting 5/8” thread 5/8” thread SMA 4×4.2mm 2×4.5mm
Cable length 1.5m SMA 2.5m SMA N/A 20cm 5m
Connector TNC Female TNC Female SMA SMA SMA



  Calibrated Survey Helical OEM ANN-MB
Voltage range 3-12V 3-5.5V 3-16V 2.5-5.5V 3-5V
Typ current @ 3V 50mA 45mA 35mA 20mA 15mA
Av LNA Gain 40dB 40dB 33dB 25dB 28dB
Max NF 1.5dB 1.5dB 1.5dB 2.6dB 3.2dB
Max VSWR 2 2 2 2 2


  Calibrated Survey Helical OEM ANN-MB
Operating Temp -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C
Storage Temp -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +85°C -40 to +90°C -40 to +85°C
IP rating IP67 IP66 IP67 N/A IP67
RoHS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


affordable accessories for affordable antennas

Low loss RF cable extenders
If the cables included with our antennas are not enough, you can always extend them with our low loss RG58 RF cables.

Magnetic stand for Survey antenna
Simple and fast fixed installation for your 5/8” Survey GNSS antennas.

Thread adapter for Survey antenna
Are you really looking for low cost? Then just get our adapter to install any 5/8” Survey GNSS antenna on a standard camera tripod screw thread (1/4-20 UNC).

Pole for Survey antenna
Robust and lightweight carbon fiber and aluminium pole for Survey GNSS antennas (5/8″ male screw), ideal for kinematic surveys.

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