simpleSSR – 4G NTRIP Client incl. 1 year unlimited RTK corrections

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product comes with 2 years worldwide warranty

This product is not available as a set anymore, but you can create it with:

– 1 4G NTRIP Master
– 1 simpleSSR – 1 year unlimited SIM card + RTK corrections for 4G NTRIP Master

Do you own a simpleRTK2B V3 or your own ZED-F9P design and would like to enjoy integrated RTK-SSR corrections? Just get this product, upload our configuration file to ZED-F9P and enjoy high precision.

With Ardusimple simpleSSR receivers, you will be able to enjoy plug-and-place centimeter accuracy in Europe and Continental North America from any area with cellphone coverage.

Thanks to u-blox F9 RTK engine, Sapcorda SAPA Premium service and ArduSimple integration and pre-configuration, just power up, wait 1-2 minutes, and enjoy centimeter precision.

Check the simpleSSR product page for more information.

Good to know:
– The price includes the hardware, 1 year unlimited data plan, 1 year unlimited SAPA Premium RTK-SSR correction service.
– Service will activate automatically during the first power up or 15 days after delivery, whichever happens first.
– You can use the device without limit for a full calendar year: 365 days @ 24h/day.
– When the date of the license period is close to expire, you will have the possibility to renew it at 499€/year.
– You can also use this device to connect to your favorite NTRIP caster forever.

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