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OEM GPS/GNSS Receivers

u-blox F10

affordable and low power dual band GPS/GNSS boards that allow you to reach sub-meter accuracy in seconds, based on u-blox F10. For OEM use and also fully compatible with Arduino, STM32 Nucleo, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson or as an external GNSS for Pixhawk and Ardupilot.

simpleGNSS Pro
Dual band L1/L5 GPS/GNSS receiver up to 10Hz and -167dBm tracking and navigation sensitivity

simpleGNSS Timing
Dual band L1/L5 GPS/GNSS receiver up to 10Hz including nanosecond timing output and RAW data

Key features

What simpleGNSS boards are capable of

Submeter level accuracy
0.9 meter in standalone mode
0.7 meter in standalone mode with SBAS

Advanced GNSS performance
• Effective multipath mitigation to boost urban accuracy
• Exceptional RF interference immunity with co-located cellular modems
• Proven excellent performance, even with small antennas

Radio link flexibility
simpleGNSS can be used with almost any radio link: WiFi, BT, ISM, 2G/3G/4G… and is compatible with your existing ArduSimple products!

Up to 10Hz GNSS position update rate
• Track any movement with a latency below 100ms
• Go up to 20Hz in low accuracy mode

u-blox ultra high sensitivity for finding satellites where others can’t
• -167dBm for tracking and navigation
• -159dBm in reacquisition
• -148dBm for complete cold starts

Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk ready
We thought about your DIY needs and we made simpleGNSS ready to be connected with your favorite development board.
The board is 100% functional by itself and can be connected directly to Pixhawk autopilot to provide centimeter level GNSS.

Ultrafast Time To First Fix (TTFF)
• Cold Start with AGPS: 2-4 seconds
• Cold Start: 28 seconds
Hot Start: 2 seconds

Multi band and Multi constellation
 GPS/QZSS: L1C/A (1575.42 MHz), L5 (1176.450 MHz)
• Beidou: B1C (1575.42 MHz), B2a (1176.450 MHz) 
• Galileo: E1-B/C (1575.42 MHz), E5a (1176.450 MHz)
• Navic: SPS-L5 (1176.450 MHz)


everything you need to know about simpleGNSS boards

Mechanical and variants:

  simpleGNSS ProsimpleGNSS Timing 
Dimensions 3D model3D model 
Length x Height 69x53mm69x53mm 
Standard footprint Arduino UNOArduino UNO 
Weight 24g25g 
Mounting holes 33 
GNSS RF connector SMASMA 
GNSS module option NEO-F10NNEO-F10T 
Enclosure available YesYes 



  simpleGNSS ProsimpleGNSS Timing 
Voltage range 4.5-5.5V4.5-5.5V 
Typ current @ 5V 25mA @ 5V25mA @ 5V 
Antenna voltage 3.3V3.3V 
Native interfaces USB-C, UART,USB-C, UART 
Pixhawk connector YesYes 
Sparkfun qwiic NoNo 
Interfaces with acc RS232RS232 
Configurable I/O YesYes 
Special function pins TP, EXTINThigh power TP, EXTINT 
Expansion socket 1 1x High Power Xbee1x High Power Xbee 
Expansion socket 2 With Shield accessoryWith Shield accessory 



  simpleGNSS ProsimpleGNSS Timing 
Operating Temp -40 to +85°C-40 to +85°C 
Storage Temp -40 to +85°C-40 to +85°C 
CE YesYes 
RoHS YesYes 


Affordable accessories for affordable receivers

Bluetooth module
Want to connect to your brand new simpleRTK3B from your phone/tablet wirelessly? Get this accessory and plug it into the available socket.

WiFi NTRIP Master
If you have access to a WiFi network or a WiFi hotspot, you might want to enable your simpleRTK3B with NTRIP functionality…

Radio Link
Want to connect your new simpleRTK3B with your existing rovers? Or create a Base-Rover kit with 2x simpleRTK3B?

4G NTRIP Client
Add a SIM card and let your simpleRTK3B connect directly to internet: NTRIP Client, Server or even send positions to a server.

Plastic Cases
Make your project look like a pro with our plastic cases and enclosures. Customizable with your own logo at a fee.

Second XBee Socket
Need a second XBee socket to connect 2x of our plugins? 4G+Bluetooth, LR+Bluetooth, LR+WiFi, 4G+RS232, everything is possible!

Raspberry Pi adapter
Make your simpleRTK plug and play with Raspberry Pi. Don’t forget that you will need the headers soldered to use it.

simpleANT antennas
The perfect partner for your simpleRTK board. Low power Multiband RTK GNSS antennas in all shapes and performance levels, at affordable cost.

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