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– 1 x eXtra Long Range radio module
– 1 x antenna for eXtra Long Range radio module

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The eXtra Long Range version of our Radio Module, including a dipole antenna for maximum performance. Based on Digi XBee PRO SX series, but on through hole format and with SMA connector. With a configuration optimized for sending RTK corrections over the air.

RTK technology works when base and rover are within 20km from each other. If you want to make use of all this range, this is your radio module.

With this radio module you will be able to send RTK corrections between 50 and 60 km in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.
This distance will depend on the region of use, subject to local regulations.

Don’t forget to add in the shopping cart our Configuration Service if you want to receive them with a special pre-configuration.

Good to know:
– Compatible with all simpleRTK2B (V1 supports a maximum 100mW output power, V3 supports a maximum of 1W output power).
– Not compatible with simpleRTK2Blite
– The radio is sent pre-configured at 115’200bps and will connect automatically to other XLR radios from the same variant.
– If you have an LR kit already, just remove the LR radios, plug the XLR radios, and you are good to go!
– The radio is sent pre-configured at 100mW output power. Can be increased by user to 500mW, and up to 1W if mounted on a suitable XBee socket. Contact us if you have questions.

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LR radio options:

North America, Australia

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