Product launch: WiFi NTRIP Master

ESP32 WiFI NTRIP client

Dear followers,

We are very excited today to make this new product announcement. Not only because we think it’s an excellent accessory for simpleRTK2B, but also because it’s a joint collaboration with one of our customers. Let us tell you more.

A few months back we spotted in our forum a customer that was developing a NTRIP/TCP/UDP WiFi client/server/caster based on ESP32. It was the perfect accessory for our beloved simpleRTK2B:

  • NTRIP/TCP/UDP WiFi client/server compatible with XBee footprint
  • Configurable through a web interface (no need for command terminals or a PC to configure it)
  • Lower cost than 3G/LTE plug-in if you have access to WiFi network
  • Removes the need of an NTRIP/TCP/UDP client/server on the smartphone/PC
  • For advanced programmers, the possibility to have an ESP32 to write your own application.

So after a few conversations we decided to start working to launch the product together.
An accessory developed by a customer, but commercialized and with the availability and warranty from ArduSimple.

So what is it exactly? It’s a:

And starting now, it’s in stock and available for purchase in our store: WiFi NTRIP Master.

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

WiFi NTRIP master setup

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