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eXtra Long Range radio (XLR) is now available

Dear followers,

The eXtra Long Range version of our Radio Module is now in stock and ready for shipping. Based on Digi XBee PRO SX series, on a through hole format and with a more rugged SMA connector. Including our high performance dipole antenna.

The radio is pre-configured for 115’200bps communications, and is optimized for sending RTK corrections over the air in a point-to-multipoint topology. Any radio can act as base and as rover, just plug and play.

The XLR Radio has 3 power settings: 100mW, 500mW and 1W. Default setting is 100mW, but can be configured up to 500mW with simpleRTK2B, and up to 1W if mounted on a suitable XBee socket. Contact us if you have questions.

With the 500mW configuration, it lets you send corrections up to 50km, in perfect conditions. In practice, this means with always line of sight:

  • 5km in urban environment.
  • 20km in rural environment.
  • 50km in rural environment with perfect installation. And up to 80km if you use a high gain antenna. But RTK corrections are not valid so far 🙂

Best regards,
ArduSimple Team

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