EU Conformity Certificates

Here you will find a summary of the EU Conformity Certificates of all our products.
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Product nameProduct SKUEU Conformity Certificate
simpleRTK3B ProAS-RTK3B-MX5-L125-NH-00 File
simpleRTK3B HeadingAS-RTK3B-MH-L1L2-NH-00 File
simpleRTK2B BudgetAS-RTK2B-F9P-L1L2-NH-02 File
simpleRTK2B ProAS-RTK2B-PROF9P-L1L2-NH-00 File
RTK+INS simpleRTK2B-F9R V3AS-RTK2B-F9R-L1L2-NH-03 File
simpleRTK2BliteAS-RTK2B-LIT-L1L2-SMA-00 File
simpleRTK2B M.2AS-RTK2B-M2-L1L2-F9P-00 File
simpleRTK2B MicroAS-RTK2B-MICRO-F9P-L1L2-00 File
simpleRTK2B - Starter Kit MRAS-STARTKIT-MR-L1L2-NH-00 File
simpleRTK2B - Starter Kit LRAS-STARTKIT-LR-L1L2-EUNH-00 File
simpleRTK2B+heading - Basic Starter KitAS-STARTKIT-HEAD-L1L2-NH-00 File
simpleRTK2B - 4G NTRIP Starter KitAS-STARTKIT-4G-L1L2-EUNH-00 File
simpleSSR - Starter Kit incl. 1 year unlimited RTK correctionsAS-STARTKIT-SSRIP-L1L2-EUNH-00 File
simpleRTK2B-SBC Development Kit 2xZED-F9PAS-SBC-L1L2-PPX-2HP-WW-03 File
simpleRTK2B-SBC Development Kit 2xZED-F9P+1XZED-F9RAS-SBC-L1L2-PPR-2HP-WW-03 File
simpleRTK2B-SBC Development Kit 3XZED-F9PAS-SBC-L1L2-PPP-2HP-WW-03 File
simpleRTK2B-mPCIeAS-RTK2B-MPCIE-L1L2-F9P-00 File
simpleRTK2B - Basic Starter KitAS-STARTKIT-BASIC-L1L2-NH-02 File
simpleRTK2Blite - Basic Starter KitAS-STARTKIT-LITE-L1L2-HS-00 File
RTK Calibrated Surveyor KitAS-PROKIT-CALSURVEY-L1L2-00 File
RTK Handheld Surveyor KitAS-PROKIT-HANDSURVEY-L1L2-00 File
RTK Portable Bluetooth KitAS-STARTKIT-BTCASE-L1L2-0-02 File
Survey GNSS Multiband antenna (IP66)AS-ANT2B-SUR-L1L2-25SMA-00 File
Calibrated Survey GNSS Multiband antenna (IP67)AS-ANT2B-CAL-L1L2-15SMA-00 File
Lightweight helical antenna for multiband GNSS (IP67)AS-ANT2B-HEL-L1L2-SMA-00 File
Antenna for GNSS Multiband with cable (OEM)AS-ANT2B-OEM-L1L2-02SMA-00 File
Calibrated Survey GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)AS-ANT3B-CAL-L1256-SMATNC-01 File
Lightweight helical GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)AS-ANT3B-HEL-L1256-SMA-00 File
3D Choke Ring GNSS Tripleband + L-band antenna (IP67)AS-ANT3B-CHO-L1256-SMATNC-00 File
Septentrio MosaicHATAS-OPENHW-MOSAICHAT-X5-00 File
Bluetooth moduleAS-XBEE-BT-2.4-INT-00 File
Ethernet NTRIP MasterAS-XBEE-ETH-100-RJ45-00 File
Serial Datalogger to microSDAS-XBEE-LOG-MICROSD-00 File
XBee RS232 pluginAS-XBEE-RS232-DB9F-00 File
MiniUSB-to-Everything adapterAS-ADP-MINIUSB-TO-XBEE-00 File
mPCIe adapter for simpleRTK2BliteAS-ADP-XBEE-TO-MPCIE-00 File
Raspberry Pi adapter for simpleRTKAS-ADP-ARDUINO-TO-RPI-00 File
RS232-to-Everything adapter incl. 3m power cableAS-ADP-12VRS232-TO-XBEE-01 File
Shield for second XBee SocketAS-ADP-ARDUINO-TO-XBEEHP-00 File
GPS/GNSS Antenna Signal SplitterAS-ACC-RFSPLIT-L1256-2SMA-00 File
PoE Splitter to Ethernet + USB-CAS-ACC-POESPLIT-5V-ETHUSBC-00 File
High Power Dual USB to micro-USB cableAS-CAB-2USBA-0M5-MICROUSB-00 File
SMA antenna RF cable extender 10cmAS-CAB-SMAF-0M1-SMAM File
SMA antenna RF cable extender 1mAS-CAB-SMAF-1M-SMAM File
SMA antenna RF cable extender 2,5mAS-CAB-SMAF-2M5-SMAM File
SMA antenna RF cable extender 5mAS-CAB-SMAF-5M-SMAM File
TNC to SMA Survey antenna cable 1,5mAS-CAB-TNCK-1M5-SMAM File
TNC to SMA Survey antenna cable 2,5mAS-CAB-TNCK-2M5-SMAM File
SMA extender 1 centimeterAS-CAB-SMAM-1CM-SMAF-00 File
SMA to uFL adapterAS-CAB-SMA-0M0-UFL-00 File
TNC to TNC Survey antenna cableAS-CAB-TNCM-2M5-TNCM-00 File
uFL to SMA antenna cableAS-CAB-UFL-0M1-SMAF-00 File
USB to micro-USB cableAS-CAB-USBA-0M5-MICROUSB-00 File
USB to mini-USB cableAS-CAB-USBA-0M5-MINIUSB-00 File
USB to USB-C cableAS-CAB-USBA-0M5-USBC-00 File
USB on-the-go (OTG) cable USB CAS-CAB-USBOTG-USBC-00 File
USB on-the-go (OTG) cable USB Micro BAS-CAB-USBOTG-MICROB-00 File
Pixhawk cable setAS-CAB-PIXHAWKSET-00 File

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