RTK-SSR Corrections from Space!

RTK-SSR PointPerfect L-Band

Having trouble with your NTRIP corrections and cellular coverage?
Do you have issues with your base-rover line of sight range?

The future is here: RTK-SSR Corrections via satellite

  • If you are in Japan you can enjoy free RTK-SSR corrections with our Japan CLAS Receiver.
  • If you are in Europe or United States, satellite RTK-SSR corrections are “almost for free” starting from 30$/month. We say almost because any other alternative in the market costs a few thousands…

You might have heard about L1, L2 and L5 frequencies. Another band called L-band or L6 is used to distribute corrections via satellite. Usually it’s done with geo-stationary satellites located permanently in the center of the territory to cover.

And with the integrated RF splitter you only need one GNSS antenna for your RTK receiver and the L-band receiver.

How can I start using RTK-SSR Correction from the space?

You can decide. You can upgrade your existing ArduSimple board or C099-F9P board with our plugins for satellite corrections, or you can get our new ultimate RTK-SSR receiver with everything included.

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