RTK Receivers without logo, ArduSimple goes OEM!

As of today, all our Professional RTK Kits don’t have any ArduSimple logo. Also the logo on all our Plastic Cases has been removed.

OEM RTK Receivers

This is known in the industry as the OEM model (Original Equipment Manufacturer). For example, when you buy a spare part for your Ford car, it’s usually not Ford producing it, but another company (for example Bosch) putting the “Ford” logo on it.

Why did we start selling RTK receivers without the Ardusimple logo as OEM products?

We removed the logos from our RTK receivers in plastic boxes, so you can stick your own logo on them. In this way we can focus on low cost hardware production, and you can really focus on the sale and developing your brand!

All ArduSimple RTK OEM receivers are in stock, ready for global delivery in 2-4 working days.

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