RS232-to-Everything adapter hookup guide

Hardware overview:

The ArduSimple RS232-to-Everything adapter lets you convert any XBee compatible device into a RS232 device. This opens up a completely new set of uses cases that we will try to explain in this page.

The adapter is simple, and has the following inputs:

  • Power supply (5-16V): 5/16X32W thread, 2mm center pin. Center pin positive (12V), outer shell negative (GND). If you are connecting 2 devices on the socket (e.g. simpleRTK2B lite + WiFi), it is recommended to supply the system with 6V.
  • RS232 connector: DB9 female, only TXD, RXD and GND are connected. Handshaking lines are disabled.
  • XBee socket: connect any XBee compatible device, up to 1A output.
  • Power switch: turn ON and OFF the adapter with this switch.
  • Reset button: in case you want to use it.

Use cases:

Let’s now go through a list of use cases for this board. If you have another use case in mind or the guide is not clear enough, remember that you can always contact us.

RS232 simpleRTK2B ZED-F9P rover:

Just connect simpleRTK2Blite on the XBee socket, and you will have immediate RS232 access to ZED-F9P UART1.

You can now use the simpleRTK2Blite TOP XBee socket to connect any of our ArduSimple XBee radios compatible with simpleRTK2Blite: BT, WiFi, MR, LR.

Use your simpleRTK2B ZED-F9P base station with any RTK receiver:

You have a Trimble, Topcon, Agleader, Leica, Novatel, Topcon, CHCNav, Hi-Target, South, Emlid RTK receiver. Check their documentation, many of them have serial port input for RTCM3 MSM corrections. If this is your case, let’s make use of it.

Take your existing LR/XLR base station with simpleRTK2B.

Take an ArduSimple-to-RS232 adapter and plug a LR/XLR radio on top. Now this unit will be outputting RTCM corrections that you can use with any RTK receiver supporting RTCM 3 protocol.

Use your RTK base station with simpleRTK2B ZED-F9P rover

You have a Trimble, Topcon, Agleader, Novatel, Topcon, CHCNav, Hi-Target, South, Emlid RTK Base Station. Usually they come with a propietary radio, so you can only connect with their RTK rovers. But some of them, also output RTCM3 corrections through serial port. Let’s make use of this to connect our simpleRTK2B rover.

Take a ArduSimple-to-RS232 and plug a LR/XLR radio on top. Connect it to your RTK Base Station serial port which is sending RTCM 3 corrections.

Now take your simpleRTK2B LR/XLR rovers and it will already receive automatically the corrections from your base station ūüôā

RS232 WiFi NTRIP Master

An affordable way to connect your RTK receiver with your preferred NTRIP service provider.

Or convert your existing base station in your own NTRIP Caster over WiFi. 

Or connect it to a service like RTK2GO to share your base station with the community.

RS232 Bluetooth
You have a device that has a serial port and you would like to send/receive data from your favorite bluetooth device. Just connect our bluetooth module on top of the adapter, and connect the RS232 to your device.